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Hi there! I'm Belinda Paige Blakley.

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Brand Management & Identity Design

Do your customers know your brand? Brand recognition is key to customer loyalty and, ultimately, your bottom line. Avoid the dangers of brand drift or incoherence. Let me help you find your unique brand voice and separate your brand from the crowd.

Digital Design & Art Direction

Award winning website and graphic design, plus expertise in niche digital design such as email marketing and display. With a degree in fine arts and over 7 years experience in the digital marketing landscape, I bring a breadth of experience and a depth of knowledge to any digital design project.

Everything Email

From branded email template design to marketing automation strategy and user experience research, I'm an email geek who can enhance your customer experience, improve your brand recognition, and increase your email RO

I use creativity to solve problems, and evidence-based strategy to improve upon solutions. What problem can I solve for you?


It's nice to meet you. Here's a little bit about me.

I'm an email geek and a branding nerd. I love user research. I also would like to go to space one day, and I love food, craft beer, and animals.

I'd like to make the world a better place, so if you're a non-profit or B-corporation looking for a new creative mind, please reach out to me.

Belinda is a detail oriented professional with a passion for perfection. Her expertise and experience in web design and digital marketing is the key to her success. She's always been a team player with a "can do" attitude and a true valued asset at any company.

- Anthony Loiacano

IT Professional
I would highly recommend Belinda as an outstanding team player who demonstrates selfinitiative, excellent organizational awareness and is highly capable at design, including the research to make the messaging and visual systems relevant.

- Ben Phillips

Strategic Marketing & Technology Executive
Belinda is a creative and passionate designer who is always striving to optimize the look and performance of anything and everything she creates! She is constantly researching industry trends and isn't afraid to take on new challenges or try out new ideas. Belinda is also a gifted presenter who has the ability to engage even the most senior of colleagues with her professional, yet fun and entertaining style of sharing information and contributing to the overall growth and development of the team. She would be a catch for any company looking for a team player with an awesome personality to go along with a diverse and creative skill set.

Kristine Lester

Creative Marketing & Events Manager

Optimized Emails

And counting

Percent Increase in Interaction

in marketing emails

Increase in Organic Traffic

After launch of redesigned Ross Vet website

Years Experience

in digital design, and over 2 years experience in business management and team leadership
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